Loop the Lake

I’m a bit of a triathlete– I really love going on weekend bike rides.  What better way to explore my hometown and surrounding towns than on a bike?  A high school friend told me about Loop the Lake – a guided bike ride that started at the Dam in Lake Shelbyville.  There were 3 guided bike courses — 22, 47 and 65 miles long – but you were free to leave the guided tour whenever you wanted and could turn back around.  There were pit stops with water and fruit snacks for fuel.  Please note that this is NOT a race — it is a guided tour.  You can come and go as you want.

I ended up biking around 27 miles that day– I went through Findley and then turned around a bit later.   My only caveat is that this course was harder to do by myself since I didn’t know the route.  At times, the route was clearly identified but at other times I was confused when I was supposed to turn.  I was clipped into my roadbike which may not have been the best decision since there was some loose gravel.  Overall, I had a great day — beautiful weather and great crowd.  I’m going to try to do the 47 mile loop next year.  Who else is in?

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