36 hours in Chicago

A few weeks ago, I went up to Chicago for a weekend getaway with someone that I’m dating and it was the perfect get away. We drove up late on Saturday morning from Champaign so we didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon. We immediately went to the Millennium Park to walk around to see The Bean. What a gorgeous park and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We then walked around Downtown Chicago and ate some falafels.

¬†We were planning on going on a boat tour that night but were a bit confused on where they left. We accidentally ended up walking the Riverwalk and I’m glad we did. Such a lovely walk — it was great to see the city from that perspective. When we go back, I want to make sure to go kayaking. We later found the boat tours and took the architecture tour– I highly recommend it. Later that evening, we took the L Train to Chinatown for a delicious and affordable dinner. It was a perfect date night.

Our hotel was in Downtown Chicago so everything a convenient walk. The following morning we walked to Navy Pier to grab a nice breakfast with a view. We didn’t have time to go to the zoo or aquarium on this trip so that will be another weekend soon. We drove up Lake Shore drive and bought some mango from a street vendor before going to a sports bar to watch the Real Madrid soccer game.

Even though I grew up in Illinois, I feel like I was in Chicago for the first time all over again. Everything seemed new to me, especially after living in New York City for a decade. Perfect location for a quick weekend getaway.

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