Pools in Champaign-Urbana

I finally found my pool:  it is the Olympic-sized pool at the University of Illinois ARC.  I was able to (finally!) get a pass since I’m an alumni of the U of I.  It was a bit of a hassle since I had to take care of it during the business day but it was well worth it to swim in this pool!

I was previously swimming at the YMCA.  It’s pool is gorgeous too — but only 25 yards.  My biggest complaint about that pool was that swimmers insisted on splitting lanes and refused to circle swim.  It seemed like every other time I went swimming, there was some issue.

I absolutely love swimming at U of I. If you are in the Champaign-Urbana area and are looking for a new pool home (and you are an alum!) then I would check it out.  The outdoor pool closes this weekend but there is also an Olympic-sized indoor pool that I cannot wait to try.

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